Hello Kitty’s Paradise Lyrics

Saayang anak.. saayang anak! Hahahaa.. Lagi ngapalin liriknya Hello Kitty nih karena Yasmine & Dipa lagi gandrung banget. Ok, here it goes…

— *** —
everybody say Hello Kitty.
Who loves flowers in the
Or a party just for one,
Its kitty; kitty, kitty.
Who will invite her friends along,
They can hear her play a song,
Its Kitty; Kitty, Kitty.
If you don’t know where she lives,
You might have missed her,
And her papa and her mama,
And there’s Mimmy, she’s my sister.
They’re a itty bitty pretty kitty family,
But even though they’re kittys they’re
like you and me,
Raining days turn sunny funny wait
and see.
Alwayslikes to play pretend,
Or to make a brand new friend,
Its Kitty; Kitty, Kitty.
Looks for Rainbows in the Sky,
And the Birds that fly so high,
Its Kitty; Kitty, Kitty.
So if you want to laugh and play,
And learn new things everyday,
There’s a kitty you should know,
And it’s time to say Hello,
Say it clear, now lets all cheer
Say Hello Kitty.

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