Chickenpox Attack! (4)

“The blisters gradually dry up and scab. They slowly fade over a week or so, but may take 2-3 weeks to go completely.”

It’s been two weeks after the first blisters came out. My husband has not recovery yet.  I am truly desperate in a deep down black hole.

I couldn’t face the thing I have in front of me, and begin to search more information about varicella aka chickenpox. And there it is, the quote I put up of this note. It says, “..2-3 weeks,” so I have no choice to wait until 3 weeks! 😦

It’s not about him lying in bed all the time with severe condition, NO. He looks well. He even go to work from friday — I hope no one is gonna be infected from him!

It is about me who feels like I’m alone. Alone with the kids. Alone like nobody cares. And it needs such a big effort to take care of the children by myself 😦

But then,
I begin to think that maybe…this is Qadar. Fate. Destiny.

I have to put trust in Allah that this all Allah plan for me, to make me closer to Him.

Putting trust in Allah is a blessing and a great consolation for people, provided by Allah.

“He Who created death and life to test which of you is best in action…” (Surah al-Mulk : 2).

Semangat!! (^,^)9

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4 Responses to Chickenpox Attack! (4)

  1. Semangat mak!!
    You’re not n never be alone. Yes you can! Allaah loves you!

  2. Thank you, Presty :’)

  3. mak, semangat ya mak!
    harus tetap tenang… baca postingan dek dipa sakit, i can feel u bener deh…
    btw, itu dah dikasih parcet demamnya belom turun banget ya? duh, semoga dek dipa segera membaik. aamiin..
    bundanya juga jaga kesehatan.
    syafakallaah dek dipa..

  4. Iya, memang belum turun banget, mungkin kumannya kuat tapi adanya penurunan suhu setelah dikasih paracetamol itu pertanda baik, berarti tubuhnya masih bereaksi thp obat tersebut. Hanya saja, untuk sembuh masih butuh waktu 🙂
    Aamiin makasih doanya ya, Presty.. 🙂

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