Resep Masakanku (my recipes)

Ayam Asam Manis (sweet and sour chicken)

Oseng-oseng Kikil Tahu (cow’s foot and tofu in very spicy sauce)

Pepes Tuna Pedas Bumbu Kelapa (spicy tuna pepes with grated coconut)

[menu anak] Botok Tuna

Soto Vegetarian dengan Kuah ala Soto Banjar

Ikan Nila Bakar (grilled tilapia)

Ayam Rica-rica (Rica-rica chicken, spicy chicken)

Martabak Tahu

Sup Jamur (mushroom soup)

Tahu Kecap Jawa Timuran (fried tofu with sweet soy sauce — East Java style)

Terong Balado (fried eggplants in chilli sauce)

Sambal Tomat (tomato sambal)

Semur Telur (egg semur, Indonesian stew)

Tumpeng Nasi Goreng

Chicken Lollipops (mini chicken drum sticks)

Tahu Isi (Indonesian fried stuffed tofu)

Pepes Tuna (tuna steamed in banana leaves – javanese style)

Ayam Lodho Modifikasi (chicken Lodho ~ modified)

Gurame Saus Padang (fried gourami with padang sauce)

Mangut Kakap (javanese barramundi with coconut milk)

Bubur Nasi (rice porridge, congee)

Perkedel Jagung (corn fritters Indonesian style)

Teri Kacang Kentang Balado

Kembung Balado ala Geasy (fish in chilli sauce)

Sayur Lodeh Sawi Putih (curried vegetable stew)

Ayam Goreng Mentega (fried chicken in sweet butter sauce)

Gurame Asam Manis (fried gourami with sweet and sour sauce)

Sayap Ayam Goreng Tepung (fried chicken wings) ala Rahma

Sup Sayuran (vegetable soup with meatballs)

Botok Tahu, Oseng-oseng Kikil, dan Bayam Rebus

Kue Gabin Isi Tape

Messy Spicy Chicken

Bihun Goreng ala Rahma (fried vermicelli with omelette)

Tempe Penyet Belantara

Udang Saus Tiram (Shrimp with Oyster Sauce)

Breakfast: Tahu Kecap (tofu with sweet soy sauce)

Gudeg Jogja

Bandeng Presto ala Rahma

Gulai Jantung Pisang ala Rahmawati (masakan anak)

Tuna Teriyaki ala Rahmawati

Opor tahu presto

Ayam presto cabe merah (presto chicken with red chilli) ala Rahma

Sop kaki domba (Leg of lamb soup)

Chicken-mushroom pepes with sambal kemangi

Rica-rica Ayam ala Rahmawati

Semur Bola Daging

Capcay setengah goreng

Tuna Teriyaki ala Rahmawati

Ayam Lodho ala Rahmawati

Dendeng Balado